Staff Forces Elderly Patients To Fight Each Other In Nursing Home Fight Club

Nursing Home Staff Ran Fight Club with Dementia Patients

Three workers at an eldercare facility, known as Danby House, which specialized in providing care to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, have been arrested after being accused of running a fight club in which the patients were the fighters. Although there were no reported injuries, the staff members allegedly encouraged patients to physically fight one another and filmed the matches.

Each worker had their contracts terminated and charged with assaulting a person with a disability. The alleged elder abuse was first reported in June 2019.

According to documents from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), a staff member filmed two women with dementia physically fight each other, while the three aforementioned workers watched and cheered. This was done despite the fact, one of the women with dementia fell on a bed and screamed for help, while the other woman continued to beat her. When a supervisor arrived, rather than asking about the fight, she smiled and told the patient screaming for help to stop and go to bed.

What is Fight Club?

Fight Club is a 1999 film directed by David Fincher—based on the 1996 novel written by Chuck Palahniuk—starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. In the movie, a depressed man with insomnia (Norton) meets a soap salesman named Tyler Durden (Pitt) and both men form an underground club designed for frustrated men to fight each other.

The following are the eight rules of Fight Club, according to the movie:

  • Rule #1 – You do not talk about Fight Club
  • Rule #2 – You DO NOT talk about Fight Club
  • Rule #3 – If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out, the fight is over
  • Rule #4 – Only two guys to a fight
  • Rule #5 – One fight at a time
  • Rule #6 – No shirts, no shoes
  • Rule #7 – Fights will go on as long as they have to
  • Rule #8 – If this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight

After the first few meetings, Fight Clubs start to form throughout the country. Eventually, Tyler starts an anti-corporate and anti-materialist organization called Project Mayhem by recruiting Fight Club members.

The film has inspired a number of copycat fight clubs after its release. In 2009, for example, a group of teenage students from an Australian school took part in a fight club in a park after school and a student named Stephen Luu suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in the hospital three days later.

Lack of Training & Negligence

According to NCDHHS documents, none of the nursing home workers at Danby House received proper training, while some weren’t trained whatsoever. In addition, staff members constantly failed to provide patients with their required medications and neglected patient charts.

Based on the records of seven patients, six of them weren’t provided medication to treat Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, thyroid hormone deficiencies, fluid buildup, neuropathic pain, high blood pressure, and depression. One patient diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar disorder wasn’t medicated for 17 days.

Holding Nursing Home Liable for Nursing Home Abuse

Our Sacramento nursing home abuse attorneys at The Law Office of Mark A. Redmond, PC understand that many elder care facilities do not adequately train their employees or hire those who do not have any experience in the field. Furthermore, facilities fail to perform a thorough background check to ensure their patients obtain quality care.

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home or assisted living facility, our legal team is committed to protecting his/her health, rights, and best interests. With more than 25 years of experience, we understand what it takes to hold negligent facilities and employees accountable for their actions.

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