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Side Effects of Elder Abuse

You just left the nursing home where you admitted your elderly mother. You tried everything in your power to avoid placing her in a facility, but you were left with no other option. She requires more care than you and your family can realistically provide for her.

You visit her every week. She is delighted to see you each time you visit, even though she has trouble remembering your name sometimes.

It breaks your heart to see her in a facility, but you know it is the best option for her. You did your research, and the nursing home you chose was highly rated for the cost.

A couple of months after admitting her into the nursing home, you receive a troubling phone call.

The voice putters on the other end of the line, “We have some bad news to share with you.”

You expect to hear that your mother has passed. You hope she went peacefully and without pain...

But that’s not the case. The nursing home official goes on to say that your 83-year-old mother has been raped by an employee while under their care in the facility.

You are shocked, heartbroken and infuriated. You want answers. You want justice.

Sonja Fischer

The scenario described above isn’t just a “what if.” That actually happened to 83-year-old Sonja Fischer while she was under nursing home care in Minneapolis.

Her daughter, Maya Fischer was left to pick up the pieces after 76-year-old George Kpingbah raped her vulnerable, elderly mother. The damage that Kpingbah caused the Fischer family will affect them for years to come.

"You violated (a) position of authority, a position of trust," Judge Elizabeth Cutter said to Kpingbah at the sentencing hearing. "The ramifications of what you did are so far-reaching. ... It also affected everyone in that facility. Everyone who stays in that facility. Everyone who works at that facility. It affects everyone who has to place a loved one in a facility."

It Happens All The Time

Many elderly patients in nursing homes are impacted by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and/or dementia, which means many reports of abuse go unattended to. The authorities simply don’t believe them or believe they have something to lose by following through with the reports. In addition, many elders do not report abuse because their medical conditions leave them unable to. Others are scared that filing a report could lead to retaliation or negatively impact their lives in other ways.

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