October is Residents’ Rights Month for People Living in Skilled Nursing Facilities

October is Residents’ Rights Month for People Living in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Every day, hundreds of people living in skilled nursing facilities are subjected to some form of negligence or abuse from caretakers, other residents, and even visiting family. Elder abuse and assisted-living abuse can take the shape of physical abuse, malnourishment and dehydration, medication errors, financial exploitation, emotional and societal isolation, and more. It is a nationwide problem that requires all of us to bring to an end.

In order to help spread awareness of the unacceptable condition assisted-living residents can face eqach day, October has been named as Residents’ Rights Month. The Law Offices of Mark A. Redmond, PC in Sacramento is proud to honor this month, too, by sharing it with our clients, readers, and visitors.

The month shines a light on all people living in long-term care facilities, regardless of their age or disability. It also brings attention to the federal Nursing Home Reform Law, which officially established a legal guarantee for long-term care residents to be treated with dignity as well as adequate care at all times.

In 2019, the theme of Residents’ Rights Month is Stand for Quality. It underlines the truth of the situation, being that providing care to assisted-living residents is not enough. They must be provided quality care that gives them a rewarding quality of life.

Would you like to know more about Residents’ Rights Month and how you can also help spread awareness? Click here to visit the official campaign website from The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care. If you live in Sacramento or the surrounding region and your loved one has been abused in a long-term care facility, call (916) 444-8240 to connect with a nursing home abuse lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark A. Redmond, PC. With our representation, you can seek justice, closure, and fair compensation for the harm and duress your loved one has experienced while in an assisted living center.


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