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If you or your loved one is the victim of any type of abuse in a nursing home, you should seek fair and full compensation. Whether you suffered physical, sexual, financial, or verbal abuse, a skilled attorney can guide you every step of the way through the claims process. With compensation, you can help pay for costly hospital bills, ambulance expenses, disability-related fees, and more.

At The Law Office of Mark Redmond, our nursing home abuse lawyers have been helping clients recover maximum compensation since 1992. As a result, our team is deeply familiar with this area of law. We can effectively guide you through each stage of the proceedings as we defend your rights and best interests. Our firm is committed to helping you get the justice and compensation you need and deserve.

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A Nursing Home’s Duty to Provide Care

When an individual moves into a nursing home, that facility agrees to provide them with the best possible care.

This agreement involves a promise to:

  • Help the resident attain and maintain the best possible living conditions.
  • Ensure that they do not contribute to the decline of the resident’s condition.
  • Do whatever they can to maintain and improve the resident’s health.

In addition, under California and federal law, nursing homes are required to follow several specific care standards. When these standards are violated, and especially when neglecting the standards results in the injury or death of a resident, it can lead to lawsuits to compensate victims of abuse.

The care standards that nursing homes are required to follow pertain to many areas, including:

  • Adequate staffing
  • Infection control
  • Proper medication
  • Feeding tubes
  • Personal care
  • The accommodation of needs
  • Care planning
  • Vision, dental, and hearing care
  • Accident prevention
  • Adequate nutrition and hydration
  • Physician services
  • The prevention of bedsores
  • Special services

When a nursing home fails in their duty to provide care in any of the above categories, legal action can be taken against them. If you believe your care facility has broken their promise to care for and protect you, let our knowledgeable lawyers help you build a case against them.

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