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7th Dec, 2016


If a resident has difficulty eating, the facility must establish an individualized care plan to maintain the resident’s ability to eat food orally. There are specific therapeutic programs which can be used to help improve a resident’s ability to swallow or to help a confused resident maintain a fixed eating routine.

If despite the above…

3rd Nov, 2016


Generally nursing homes must provide each resident a nourishing, palatable, well–balanced diet that meets daily nutritional and special dietary needs. Specific legal requirements include requiring the nursing home:

  • Serve at least three meals daily, at regular times, with not more than a 14–hour span between the evening meal and breakfast;
    Offer snacks at bedtime;
  • Reasonably…

14th Oct, 2016


Litigation involving the physical abuse of an elder is a complicated but rewarding area of practice. Families will be contacting you after something terrible has happened to their loved one. Whether they express it or not, these families are filled with remorse over choosing the wrong health care facility or failing to recognize what…

13th Oct, 2016


The law disfavors the use of feeding tubes. They are to be used only as a last resort because they lead to a loss of functioning and can cause serious medical and psychological problems. If a resident is able to swallow and can get adequate nutrition by eating, no matter how long it takes,…

5th Sep, 2016


Far too many nursing home residents become dehydrated because they are not given sufficient fluids. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, confusion, constipation, fever, decreased urine output, and skin problems. Severe dehydration can lead to serious illness and death.

Nursing homes must provide each resident with sufficient fluids to maintain proper hydration and health. If a…

29th May, 2016


Many elders and their families are unaware of residents’ rights in nursing homes. Under both California and Federal law, residents are given a “bill of rights” which the nursing facility must uphold. In fact, nursing homes are required by law to inform residents of their rights.

There are many rights, however, there are a few…

5th Apr, 2016


Falls and other accidents are a serious concern for nursing home residents. Almost 50 percent of nursing home residents fall annually. Over 10 percent of these falls result in serious injury, especially hip fractures.

The law requires nursing homes to examine risk factors that cause falls and accidents and take these steps to limit the…

29th Mar, 2016


The law mandates that nursing homes provide residents with all necessary assistance for bathing, dressing, eating and other personal needs. Unless it is medically unavoidable, the nursing home must ensure that residents’ abilities to carry out activities of daily living do not decline. Activities of daily living include bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, walking, communicating,…

22nd Feb, 2016


Nearly all nursing home residents receive medicine to treat illness and maintain their health. Detailed federal and state rules instruct nursing homes and physicians on how to properly order, record, store, administer and monitor medications. Some other common medication issues include the following topics.

Consent: Residents and their legal representatives have the right to consent to…

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